The Viewscreen Project reports will soon be available in a book published by Springer, with title and table of contents as listed below. For more information please look HERE (editor’s website) or HERE (publisher’s website).

Why Religion and Spirituality Matter for Public Health: Evidence, Implications, and Resources
Editor: Doug Oman

A foreword by eminent public health leader Sandro Galea is followed by three major parts, on i) Evidence, ii) Implications for public health practice, and iii) Implications for professional training in public health. The in-press table of contents is below.


Sandro Galea

  1. Elephant in the Room: Why Spirituality and Religion Matter for Public Health
    Doug Oman

Part I: Evidence Base

  1. Reviewing Religion/Spirituality Evidence from a Public Health Perspective: Introduction
    Doug Oman
  2. Model of Individual Health Effects from Religion/Spirituality: Supporting Evidence
    Doug Oman
  3. Religious/Spiritual Effects on Physical Morbidity and Mortality
    Doug Oman
  4. Social and Community-Level Factors in Health Effects from Religion/Spirituality
    Doug Oman & S. Leonard Syme
  5. Social Identity and Discrimination in Religious/Spiritual Influences on Health
    Doug Oman & Amani Nuru-Jeter
  6. Environmental Health Sciences, Religion, and Spirituality
    Doug Oman & Rachel Morello-Frosch
  7. Infectious Diseases, Religion, and Spirituality
    Doug Oman & Lee Riley
  8. Public Health Nutrition, Religion, and Spirituality
    Doug Oman
  9. Maternal Child Health, Religion, and Spirituality
    Doug Oman
  10. Health Policy and Management, Religion, and Spirituality
    Doug Oman & Timothy T. Brown
  11. Public Health Education, Promotion, and Intervention: Relevance of Religion and Spirituality
    Doug Oman & Linda Neuhauser
  12. Mental Health, Religion, and Spirituality
    Doug Oman & David Lukoff
  13. Clinical Practice, Religion, and Spirituality
    Doug Oman
  14. Weighing the Evidence: What is Revealed by 100+ Meta-Analyses and Systematic Reviews of Religion/Spirituality and Health?
    Doug Oman & S. Leonard Syme
  15. Questions on Assessing the Evidence Linking Religion/Spirituality to Health
    Doug Oman

Part II: Implications for Public Health Practitice

  1. Implications for Community Health Practitioners: Framing Religion and Spirituality within a Social Ecological Framework
    Nancy Epstein
  2. Implications for Public Health Systems and Clinical Practitioners: Strengths of Congregations, Religious Health Assets and Leading Causes of Life
    Teresa Cutts & Gary Gunderson

Part III: Implications for Educating of Public Health Professionals

  1. Introduction: What Should Public Health Students Be Taught About Religion and Spirituality?
    Doug Oman
  2. Religion and Public Health at Emory University
    Ellen Idler & Mimi Kiser
  3. The Initiative on Health, Religion and Spirituality at Harvard: From Research to Education
    Tyler J. VanderWeele, Michael J. Balboni, & Tracey A. Balboni
  4. An Evidence-Based Course at U.C. Berkeley on Religious and Spiritual Factors in Public Health
    Doug Oman
  5. The Boston University Experience: Religion, Ethics, and Public Health
    Christina Gebel, Katelyn Long & Michael Grodin
  6. Faith Matters: “HBHE 710: Religion, Spirituality and Health”
    at the University of Michigan
    Linda M. Chatters
  7. Incorporating Religion and Spirituality into Teaching and Practice: the Drexel School of Public Health Experience
    Nancy Epstein
  8. Online Teaching of Public Health and Spirituality at University of Illinois: Chaplains for the Twenty-First Century
    Kathy Lyndes, Wendy Cadge, & George Fitchett

Concluding Chapters

  1. International and Global Perspectives on Spirituality, Religion, and Public Health
    Liz Grant & Doug Oman
  2. What’s Next?: Public Health and Spirituality
    Doug Oman



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