Circulation of Dean Survey

We are grateful to the many Deans of Schools and Colleges of Public Health, listed below, who have completed the national survey, or ensured that it was completed by their delegated representative. All survey responses mentioned in publications will be anonymously attributed unless prior permission has been obtained. Our interest is to capture the collective perspectives and wisdom of the leaders of the public health field.

The many deans who arranged for completion of surveys, who have our deep gratitude, include but are not limited to:

Dean John Rich (Drexel University SPH)
Dean Randy Wykoff (East Tennessee State University CPH)
Dean Lynn Goldman (George Washington University SPH)
Dean Gregory Evans (Georgia Southern University CPH)
Dean Michael Eriksen (Georgia State University SPH)
Dean Julio Frenk (Harvard SPH)
Dean Paul Halverson (Indiana University Purdue SPH)
Dean Mohammad R. Torabi (Indiana University Bloomington SPH)
Dean Michael Klag (Johns Hopkins SPH)
Dean Tricia Penniecook (Loma Linda SPH)
Dean William Martin (Ohio State University CPH)
Dean George Rhoads (Rutgers SPH)
Dean James Burdine (Texas A&M SPH)
Dean LuAnn White (Tulane SPH)
Dean Philip Nasca (University at Albany SUNY SPH)
Dean Michael Perri (University of Florida CPH)
Dean Phillip Williams (University of Georgia CPH)
Dean Jane Clark (University of Maryland SPH)
Dean Marjorie Aelion (University of Massachusetts Amherst SPH)
Dean John Finnegan (University of Minnesota SPH)
Dean Jane Meza (University of Nebraska CPH)
Dean Richard Kurz (University of North Texas SPH)
Dean Donna Petersen (University of South Florida)


(last update: 4:00pm EST, 12 December 2013)


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