Circulation of Student Survey

We are deeply grateful to all the Schools and Colleges of Public Health who have circulated the national survey of public health graduate students. These include but are not limited to:

  • Drexel University SPH
  • Emory University SPH
  • George Washington University SPH
  • Georgia Southern University CPH
  • Harvard SPH
  • Indiana University SPH at Bloomington
  • Ohio State University SPH
  • Rutgers SPH
  • Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Rural Public Health
  • University at Albany SUNY SPH
  • University at Buffalo SUNY SPH
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham SPH
  • University of California at Los Angeles SPH
  • University of Florida CPH
  • University of Iowa CPH
  • University of Kentucky CPH
  • University of Maryland SPH
  • University of Michigan SPH
  • University of North Texas Health Sciences Center SPH
  • University of Oklahoma CPH
  • University of South Carolina Arnold SPH
  • University of Texas SPH
  • University of Washington SPH

We are also grateful to other SPHs/CPHs who have circulated the survey and who are not yet listed, to individual students who have completed the survey on their own at schools where it has not yet been circulated, and to SPHs/CPHs who in the future choose to participate.


(last update: 12:30pm EST, 11 December 2013)


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