Dear Dean:

The University of California at Berkeley hereby renews its invitation to you, or someone you delegate, to join other Public Health deans in completing a brief online survey, estimated to take about 2 to 5 minutes: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SPHviewscreen

FYI, deans across the country have been responding, and a parallel survey of public health graduate students has been disseminated by many top SPHs/CPHs, including Harvard, University of Michigan, University of Washington, UCLA, Emory, and others. We need your response to ensure that the SPH dean perspective is well-represented.


Debate currently exists in the Public Health community about whether and how we as educators should cover spiritual and religious factors in our teaching. Spiritual and religious factors have been discussed in articles in numerous journals, such as the Annual Review of Public Health (2000, 2007), as well as in two volumes of Oxford’s Handbook of Religion and Health (2001, 2012). These publications identified more than 2100 published empirical studies of religion/spirituality and health since 2000.

In view of this evidence, our survey asks you 5 simple questions intended to find if your School/College is addressing the topic of spirituality/health through focused courses, and about your perception of resources/needs for addressing this topic. Your responses will vitally inform a report that we are preparing on the current status and needs of Public Health education in this topic. The anonymity of your answers will be maintained: in all reports, no answers will be attributed to identifiable individuals without explicit prior permission. Our interest is in the overall content of responses, not individuals. To learn more about the topic and our work, you are welcome to visit our project website: http://viewscreen.berkeley.edu

We hope you can complete the survey by 3 weeks from now. The survey is available at:


With thanks and gratitude,

Professor Doug Oman, Principal Investigator
                    UC Berkeley – Community Health & Human Development
Professor Leonard Syme, Project co-Leader
                    UC Berkeley – Epidemiology, Community Health & Human Development
Professor Timothy Brown
                    UC Berkeley – Health Policy & Management
Professor Denise Herd
                    UC Berkeley – Behavioral Sciences
Professor Kristine Madsen
                    UC Berkeley – Joint Medical Program, Public Health Nutrition
Professor Linda Neuhauser
                    UC Berkeley – Health Education, Translational Research
Professor Amani Nuru-Jeter
                    UC Berkeley – Epidemiology, Community Health & Human Development
Professor Lee Riley
                    UC Berkeley – Infectious Diseases & Vaccinology
Professor David Lukoff
                    Sofia University – Clinical Psychology
Professor Stephen G. Post
                    Stony Brook University – Bioethics, Preventive Medicine

 From Viewscreen Project
      School of Public Health
      University of California, Berkeley

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